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Welcome to my website.


Currently, commissions are being set up. I hope to have everything ready really soon, but school does delay my progress by a lot. All of this will get presetable sometime soon.

Commission information

Please make sure to refrence the commission sheet (not yet uploaded) when describing to me what you want. I will get to work on it as soon as possible, but with school please allow up to two weeks for me to finish your piece, especially if you have ordered a complicated pose/background. I do not mind taking on more challenging and unfamiliar art pieces, but if i'm unsure I may not take it on. Please understand that I do not wish to sell art that I am not particularly fond of.

Let's put the comms sheet here.

I will absolutely reject any and all R-18 comm requests. and while I am willing to take on more experimetal pieces, please uderstand that I may reject comms for a mulltitude of reasons. Please make sure to communicate with me properly. With the way that I work, it's only easy for me to make adjustments to my art while it's in the sketching phase. If you want me to change something, please tell me as soon as possible! Asking me to change things when I am almost done may cause a delay. I also am not comfortable for any of my works to be used for commercial purposes.

Character designs and adopts

As well as taking on commissions of pre-existing characters, I can create original character designs for you. These characters can be a very wide variety, the price is mostly determined by how detailed you would like the sheet and character design to be. I take quotes, and when asking for a quote a general idea of what you are looking for is appreciated. I want to make sure the character is exactly what you had in mind, so detailed and long desriptions is OK. I also take on creative liberty character designs, but a general prompt is still very much welcome.

Adopts are up on my Toyhou.se, where I sell premade characters. They often have fixed prices and are generally cheaper, since it's a lot easier to come up with ideas on my own than follow a guideline. I plan to offer premade characters in other places in the future, so please keep an eye out!